Housing Industry Association


HIA is the Housing Industry Association – the voice of Australia’s home building industry.

HIA plays a lead role in advocating the importance of the housing industry to all Australians. Here you will find HIA’s proactive and reactive responses to government policy on a broad range of issues relating to and concerning housing.

You will also find HIA’s media releases and economic research and forecast within the industry.

Civil Contractors Federation


The CCF has branches in all states and territories and has around 2000 Contractor and Associate members
nationally. CCF members are responsible for the construction and maintenance of Australia’s infrastructure, including roads, bridges, pipelines, drainage, ports and utilities.

Members also play a vital role in the residential and commercial building construction industry by providing earthmoving and land development services including the provision of power, water, communications and gas.

The CCF is committed to furthering its members’ interests and helping them manage their businesses more effectively. We offer effective business tools and management systems, as well as practical advice in areas such as taxation, industrial relations, workplace health and safety, human resources and environmental compliance.


Master Landscapers of South Australia (MLSA)


Our professional members can work with you to generate direct benefits for your business or home by improving property value and creating a quality, modern lifestyle.

Aims of the Association

  • Represent and promote the Landscape Industry of South Australia;
  • Bring together people in the Landscape and allied industries for mutual advantage and co-operation;
  • Encourage and foster environmental responsibility in all aspects of the Landscape Industry;
  • Foster the improvement of the business and technical skills of MLSA members;
  • Create demand for services and products of MLSA members;
  • Create cost savings for MLSA members;
  • Encourage adherence to the MLSA Code of Conduct.