6 Amazing Grass Hacks

We hear about all sorts of interesting grass tips out there, here are 7 grass hacks that we think you might find useful when looking after your lawn.

  1. Don’t bag your clippings. Grass clippings can be a natural mulch which will help feed your lawn and retain moisture. To ensure the clippings don’t build up or smother your grass, mow in a criss-cross pattern. This will help break the clippings down even more and stops ruts or tracks developing in your lawn.


  1. Weeds or grass infiltrating concrete areas where it’s not wanted? Try sweeping a layer of baking soda around paving stones or concrete to stop weeds from growing between the gaps.


  1. This one is a little more obvious, but an uncared-for lawn mower is a common site in most household sheds. A good quality, well maintained mower with sharp blades will make your life easier. Blunt blades will tear the grass rather than cut it, so keeping your mower well maintained with sharp blades will help ensure a good, crisp cut. Did you know Newtons Building and Landscape Supplies can sharpen mower blades and service or repair your lawn mower too?


  1. You can kill winter weeds before they appear with a pre-emergent like Oxafert! The idea of using a pre-emergent herbicide is to target weed seeds before they take hold by forming a barrier at soil level that affects the germination of any new seedlings.


  1. You can spray your lawn with a natural pigment-based product like ColourGuard, which will absorb into the leaf and keep your grass nice and green during the Winter months!


  1. Coffee grounds and beer both have qualities which can help feed your lawn. Obviously, this is an expensive way to feed your lawn, but it means there’s certainly no reason to stress if you spill your beer or morning coffee on the lawn by accident!

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