Newtons Building and Landscaping stock some of the best models of Adelaide chainsaws. Our leading brands include Husqvarna and Ego Power Plus.

Husqvarna produces a wide range of petrol and battery chainsaws. From robust designs for commercial use to smaller chainsaws more suitable for trimming, pruning and cutting firewood.

Ego offers a wide range of battery operated chainsaws. Perks of battery operated models include:

  • Starts up with the push of a button
  • They’re lighter and therefore easier to operate
  • They’re quieter, so perfect for residential use!
  • They are eco-friendly by producing no fumes and not having to use messy oil/fuel mixes
  • Powerful, long lasting batteries
  • Ideal for 4WD and camping because they’re light and small
  • 100% electric

Chainsaws are not just for felling forestry but are also useful for household pruning limbs of trees and cutting firewood. To find the best chainsaw for yourself, Newtons Building & Landscape Supplies have you covered. With two Adelaide locations including Newton and Evanston, we offer some of the best and versatile Adelaide chainsaws sales, repairs and maintenance.

HUSQVARNA 236 E-Series:

  • This chainsaw is an all-round saw which is lightweight (4.4kg), efficient and extremely easy to start and operate. With an all feature X-TORQ engine, this model has low fuel consumption and reduced emission levels.
  • Notable features include:
    • Air injection; gives your chainsaw optimal efficiency and prolongs its lifespan
    • Smart start; this design means that the engine starts quickly with minimum effort.
    • Combined choke/stop control; reduces the risk of the engine flooding and allows for effortless start-up
    • Two mass principle; ensures less vibrations so this gives you more control


  • Engine

Chainsaws Adelaide 236-1

  • Equipment

Chainsaws Adelaide 236-2

  • Lubricant

Adelaide Chainsaws 236-3

  • Sound and Noise

Adelaide Chainsaws 236-4

  • Vibration

Adelaide Chainsaws 236-5






  • A robust chainsaw that is ideal for forestry and professional jobs (7.9kg). Although this is a saw designed for the toughest forests it is still easy to start, handle and operate. This design have a powerful engine yet professional design to ensure it is still user-friendly.
  • Some notable features include:
    • Air injection; this extends the interval between filter cleaning. Consequently increasing the engine life.
    • Adjustable oil pump; this allows for easy adjustment suitable for all working applications
    • Quick-release air filter; facilities cleaning and replacement of the air filter
    • Magnesium crankcase; this design can withstand high rpms, ensuring a long service life


  • Engine

Adelaide Chainsaws 395-1

  • Equipment

Adelaide Chainsaws 395-2

  • Lubricant

Adelaide Chainsaws 395-3

  • Sound and Noise

Adelaide Chainsaws 395-4

  • Vibration

Adelaide Chainsaws 395-5

Operating a chainsaw:

  • Chainsaws are perfect for limbing, bucking and felling.
    • Limbing is removing branches from the trunk of a fallen tree.
    • Felling is the process of cutting down whole individual tress.
    • Bucking is cutting a felled tree into logs
  • A quick refresher in basic physics à every action has an equal and opposite reaction. So when using a chainsaw be prepared for kickback and pinching. Try taking a wide stance with firm footing. You can also minimise the chances of kickback by keeping the chain sharp and tensioned. This can be done at any Newtons Building and Landscape Supplies store.
  • Always operate with safety at the front of your mind. Remember that a chainsaw is one of the dangerous power tools on the market so it is better to be safe than sorry!


  • Always wear protective equipment! This includes a hard hat, logging gloves, eyewear and ear muffs. You may even want to get kitted out with some protective outdoor wear just to be on the safe side. As a Husqvarna Dealer, a range of authentic Husqvarna safety gear can be ordered through any of our stores.
  • Ensure the environment is safe. Particularly when removing limbs from trees after a storm
  • Watch for tripping hazards and keep a good balance with a wide, firm stance.
  • Keep your left hand firmly around the front handle, including your thumb to make sure that you have a good handle on the saw.
  • Use common sense. Don’t operate the chainsaw when on unbalanced surfaces like a ladder or wet ground where you are likely to slip. Never cut limbs that are higher than your shoulder. Doing so could cause you to lose your balance and have an accident. If the limb is higher than your shoulder then think of another solution like a rope saw or using a cherry picker to gain height.

Adelaide Chainsaws Maintenance and Repairs:

Things you can do yourself:

  • Tensioning: check this before you operate the chainsaw. If it is too tight then it may break and if it is too loose then it may come right off.
  • Sharpening: If your chainsaw starts bouncing around while you’re cutting or it’s not drawing itself into the wood then the chain needs to be sharpened.
  • If you’re still unsure, give us a call.

Get a professional tune-up:

Newtons Building and Landscaping offer Adelaide chainsaws servicing, repairs and sales by an expert team. Servicing a chainsaw yourself can be a daunting chore and you need to get it right. Regular chainsaw servicing and repair is essential to ensure that your saw is performing at its best at all times. Don’t wait until it is too late, come in-store to get your chainsaw a professional tune-up.

Our services are affordable and offer a wide range of maintenance from chain sharpening, dressing bars, pull-cord replacement, chain brake repairs and more. Our specialist team know chainsaws so you can trust in a superior service right here in Adelaide. Located at Newton and Evanston South, we have Adelaide chainsaws sales covered. Contact us on 08 8415 7777 or enquire about our outdoor power equipment servicing, repairs and maintenance in-store.


Author: Jessica Coe

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