Whether you are staying long term or looking to rent or sell, it’s no secret that landscaping your home achieves high-value returns. As the popularity of outdoor living soars in Australian and around the globe, it makes sense that recent studies found that when executed correctly, homeowners can achieve a higher return on every landscaping dollar spent than any other home improvement.

Some easy DIY landscape tips to help you on the way to increasing your property’s value include;


Tidy and define lawn edges

Simply mowing your lawn is not enough. Make sure the edges are tidy and defined. While there are plenty great tools on the market to get the perfect edge like the Ego Power+ Bruchless Line Trimmer,  creating an edge can be as simple as using a sharp spade to cut a neat separation between your lawn and garden bed, path or fence.

Solve problems with plants

Consider solving issues such as overlooking neighbours or busy roads by adding plants. While they may take some time to create a full visual barrier, or any real sound improvement, it will be worth it. Or if you need an instant fix, try and source some mature plants from a local nursery. Don’t forget to consider elements such as shade, light and soil. Make an informed decision to ensure a positive outcome.

Keep weeds under control

Keeping weeds under control is a no brainer. Brunnings Weed Kill is ready to use and is a fast action weed killer that will show visible results in 24 hours. It’s suitable for paths, driveways, garden beds, lawn edges and rockeries.

Mulch, mulch, mulch

Mulching garden beds or empty areas will help your garden appear low-maintenance and well kept. With so many options to choose from, there’s a mulch to suite every taste and budget. Check out our range of available mulch here

The grass is greener

Everyone knows a beautiful lawn can turn neighbours green with envy. If you need a new lawn, are covering a large area and want a cost-effective option, try Kikuyu.

For existing lawn that is looking a bit patchy or has browned-off over winter you could over-sow with a lawn seed like Brunnings Kikuyu Lawn Seed. This will thicken up and green the lawn. Alternatively, using a fertiliser such as Munns Golf Course Green can have your lawn looking healthy is no time. This fertiliser promotes healthy growth without extra mowing and can be used on all lawn varieties.

Add a splash of colour

Colour can add a warm feel to any space and the garden is no different. Adding colour can be as simple as pots, flowers or pillows to outdoor furniture. If you’re selling, you can always take pots and potted flowers with you for your new garden.


These DIY landscape tips can be used to help increase your property’s value. Of course, there are other ways to use your garden to boost your property’s value. You can talk with an expert gardener or landscaper or visit a Newtons Building and Landscape Supplies store. With 2 locations, Newton and Evanston South, we can assist you with the tools you need to help achieve results.

Easy Landscape to increase property value

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