instant turf adelaide

Laying out your instant turf is an easy job, but preparation is key.

Spring, Summer and Autumn are always going to be the best times to lay instant lawn but Winter is definitely an option if your situation requires it.


When it comes to your instant turf Adelaide, you’ve got to select the right one. With many different turf types on the market, it can be hard to make the right decision. Take note of the area you wish to cover. Consider daily percentage of sun or shade, soil type, and your budget.


Next, calculate the area of you wish to cover with your instant turf. Followed by area and depth of the soil (we recommend 100mm – 150mm soil depth).


The next step is easy, speak to one of our expert team members to help you get the best lawn possible. We can even offer FREE irrigation designs for our retail customers as well as lawn care products like fertiliser.


If you haven’t already, begin to prepare the area if necessary. Eg excavate existing area, destroy weeds, install irrigation system etc


Get your soil and fertiliser delivered before the day your lawn arrives. This gives you enough time to spread your soil in advance.


To ensure the instant turf lawns quality is maintained after your lawn delivery day, the lawn should be laid as soon as possible. But first, spread your fertiliser. Munns Superstart Seed and Turf Starter Fertiliser is ideal. We always recommend laying on the day of delivery. The quicker the turf is laid, the better the result.


Once you’ve laid your instant turf, you are ready to top dress


Then you are ready for the first watering which should be carried out immediately. Your new lawn should be soaked with irrigation until soggy underfoot. Then keep moist for 10 days after with watering morning and night.


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