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Adelaide’s Newest Mapei Suppliers

Newtons Building and Landscape Supplies are your new home for MAPEI supplies in Adelaide.

MAPEI products include adhesives for installing tiles, stone, carpet, vinyl, timber and rubber flooring, substrate preparation products and waterproofing products.

MAPEI is an Italian company founded in 1937 in Milan, Italy. It evolved from a small wall paint producer into a worldwide producer of adhesives, thinsets and sealants for buildings (building materials).

MAPEI expanded its manufacturing to adhesives for laying floors and floor coverings. The company’s first adhesives were for linoleum, later followed by ceramic tile, stone, carpet, PVC and wood. As the flooring industry grew, MAPEI recognised a need for setting materials that would make tile installation faster and more secure, and developed products accordingly. MAPEI, has become a leading manufacturer of mortars, adhesives, grouts, sealants, waterproofing agents, additives for concrete and other specialty products for the building industry.

As Newtons Building and Landscape Supplies look to better supply our trade customers with top quality products at competitive prices, the addition of the MAPEI tiling range was an obvious decision. In this highly competitive marketplace, an installer’s reputation is ‘King’, a few jobs that go south can quickly ruin years of hard work.  Finding an installation product that for years has a proven track record on a variety of projects from institutional to commercial to the residential means a happy customer, money in the bank and a good reputation.

MAPEI product manufacturers understand that to get an installer to try and switch to a new product, it must perform consistently, improve the quality of the installation and ultimately improve the bottom line-more money in the installer’s pocket.  And as an installer, how many times have you tried a new installation product, only to set it to the side and root around in your truck looking for that patching compound or VCT adhesive that you know will do the job without a failure and subsequent customer call back.

MAPEI products are already a preferred brand among tilers and other contractors. On top of the MAPEI tiles adhesives, their waterproofing and protective coating range are the perfect solution for a professional but easy to use product.

Think Newtons Building and Landscape supplies for MAPEI supplies Adelaide!

If you want more information on Newtons Building and Landscape Supplies’ MAPEI product range, speak with one of our sales team.