Bulk Mulches and Bark

What are the benefits of buying mulch in bulk?

Buying mulch in bulk from landscape supply yards is a lot cheaper than purchasing at a hardware store or nursery. We can provide a wide range of bulk mulches and soils in any quantity you need! We deliver directly to your door or site. Therefore, this means no tedious trips to the hardware store to load your car full of individual bagged mulch. Likewise, no lifting heavy bags that could split and spill everywhere. Essentially all you have to do is call us and it arrives at your doorstep! Therefore, buying in bulk means less hassle, less cost and less mess.

What do you use bulk mulch for?

Benefits of using mulch:

    • Supresses weed growth
  • Improves water retention and water runoff
  • Using mulch means that water loss is reduced to only 25% which increases the water storage capacity and reduces evaporation rates with therefore means that your soil retains vital nutrients more with mulch than without mulch!
  • Insulates plants against extreme weather
  • Reduces soil erosion
  • Adds organic matter to improve fertility and structure
  • Adds nutrients to the soil

Although mulch is used for practical benefits such as supressing weed growth and adding nutrients it is also a cheap way to transform your yard! Sometimes all your yard needs to look completely new is fresh mulch. For example, check out these gardens to see how easy it is for your yard to look fresher and well-kept just by adding some mulch!



We stock a wide variety of bulk mulches to suit every need and with the capability to deliver to you 7 days a week, all you need to do is decide what type of mulch you would like and place an order for pick up or delivery on 08 8415 7777. So, feel free to contact out team for enquires about what type of mulch would work best for your yard or to work out how much mulch you might need.

We can supply and deliver bulk mulches to anywhere in Adelaide and SA 7 days a week!

How much bulk mulch will I need?

The standard application of mulch is approximately 5-10cm in depth. Although, if your mulch is for trees, you’ll only need mulch depth of 5-6cm. Also, make sure to leave 5cm space between the mulch layer and the tree trunk. For vegetable gardens and garden plants you’ll need 5cm depth to ensure soil insulation. Additionally, it is recommended that during winter you increase the depth of the mulch to ensure it is closer to 7cm for vegetable gardens and garden plants to help insulate from harsh cold weather.

Our Best Selling Bulk Mulches and Bark:

Jeffries Forever Mulch-Black, Brown and Red

The forever range has all the benefits of other mulches with the addition of vibrant colour. The black variation works well as a contrast against lighter coloured plants, the brown is a versatile natural shade and the red makes a big impact to set your garden apart from the rest.

Jefferies Forever Black

Jefferies Forever Brown

Jefferies Forever Red


Jeffries Forest Mulch

Jeffries Forest Mulch is popular because it is a natural looking mulch which also adds nutrients and conditioning agents to the soil.


Jeffries Recover Mulch

Jeffries Recover Mulch is a premium mulch variety which has the added benefit of organic compost and Blood & Bone, giving your plants an extra kick! This mulch is a great choice for established garden beds which need a boost.


Jeffries produce innovative organics recycling from Adelaide’s green organic collections. Because of that, Jeffries products are some of the highest quality in the market. These organics come from council kerbside collections, food organics from hotels, supermarkets, schools and office buildings in Adelaide. Additionally, you can trust that you’re adding nutrients, increases soil carbon and improves water retention of the soil.


Author: Jessica Coe