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A Guide To: Winter Lawn Care

Newtons Guide to Winter Lawn Care Winter can be a tricky time for any gardener, with many plants and trees entering their dormancy phases whilst the weather remains cooler. However, there’s still plenty you should do (and not do) to ensure your garden is ready for when spring comes around. Check out our top tips […]

Need To Buy Irrigation Supplies In Adelaide?

Look to Newtons for all your Irrigation needs. LOOKING TO BUY IRRIGATION SUPPLIES ADELAIDE? Irrigation Adelaide – Newtons Building & Landscape Supplies in all water irrigation supplies. We supply products from only leading industry suppliers and manufacturers. Our team of irrigation experts are here to help with any questions or advice you may need to keep your […]

How To Service Your Lawn Mower

How To Service Your Lawn Mower Getting your car serviced is usually top of mind, but we often forget a crucial pre-Spring task: servicing your lawn mower.  Looking after your lawn mower can be an important part in caring for your lawn as well. Without your lawn mower performing at its best, your lawn can […]

How To Help Frost Affected Lawns

Frost Affected Lawns, what now? The magical winter wonderland created by frost can be a pretty sight, but what does frost mean for your lawn? When temperatures are cool overnight, the dew on your lawn freezes. For warm season turf varieties this can cause some discolouration and damage to the leaf blade of the grass. […]

Wet Weather Mowing: A Guide

How to mow your lawn when it is wet: Is it too wet for mowing? Often after a long period of rain, the grass can become a bit too long for our liking. Although it can be tempting to go and give the lawn a mow as soon as the rain stops, it is best […]

How to Fix A Soggy Lawn

Fixing Soggy Lawn Whilst we were expecting Spring to have ‘sprung’, it seems Winter wants to hang around for a little bit longer. If you need to fix a wet, muddy lawn area, read our top tips below: In store we have a range of 3m black plastic and stainless steel grates for your storm […]

How To Fix Marks In Your Lawn

How to fix tyre marks in your lawn: Do you have unattractive tyre marks in your lawn? In this blog, we look at a few methods you can use to help repair these, plus tips on how to avoid ruts from occurring. What causes tyre marks or ruts? Ruts can occur when objects like cars, […]

How to Remove Soursobs

What is a Soursob? Scientific name: Oxalis pes-caprae Soursobs are regularly confused with creeping Oxalis due to their very similar leaf appearance. Soursobs spread with large heart shaped leaves along the ground, producing flowers with 5 petals and have a long white tuberous root. Cooler conditions are when Soursobs like to appear in Autumn and […]

How To Make My Lawn Really Green!

A green lawn is the result of a number of factors; does your lawn get regular sunshine? Does your lawn get excessive amounts of rain? Do you treat your lawn with fertiliser? Do you regularly thatch your lawn? This list goes on. Below are a few tips on getting that lawn of yours GREEN. Scalping […]

Calculate the Area of Your Garden

This is how to calculate the area of your garden bed. Calculating Area for Landscapes and Gardens If you are planning on establishing a new garden or renovating an existing garden, you’ll need to know how to calculate the area of garden supplies such as lawn, pavers, mulch, soil, concrete and more. Knowing the area […]