Home Irrigation Systems

Home irrigation systems are ideal for residential areas. Having an irrigation system saves you money in the long run and can even increase the quality of your soil! Newtons Building & Landscape Supplies have a dedicated irrigation team who can help any homeowner looking to buy and/or install a home irrigation system. We even offer a FREE irrigation design service to our retail customers. So, simply bring in a plan or even a rough sketch with measurements and our team will do the rest.

Advantages of a Home Irrigation Systems:

  • An automated home irrigation system means less over and under watering. Therefore conserving water and lessening your water bills! You can even buy irrigation products which allow you to water remotely at the touch of a button so you can relax when you’re away or on holiday.
  • Most irrigation controller models are compatible with a rain or soil sensors. So, if rain is forecast in your area, your irrigation system will automatically turn off. Soil sensor technology is effortless and ensures that your soil is always at is optimal moisture level. However, if the soil is already moist enough, your system won’t run, saving you water again.
  • Home irrigation systems have the surprising advantage of reduced risk of disease and weeds. Because plants are watered directly at the roots there is never stagnant water left on the leaves. Unless it rains of course! This will prevent leaf disease. Additionally, weeds struggle to germinate if your garden is watered directly at the roots. This means less time watering and weeding!
  • Help preserve soil structure by keeping it constantly moist and retaining vital nutrients. Being watered at the right amount ensures minimal to no runoff; a huge cause of lost soil nutrients.
  • Stay inside and keep cool! In summer and warmer months, the last thing you want to do is stand in the sun to water your garden. It can make people with even the greenest of thumbs dread watering the garden. With remote control capabilities and smart technology, your garden can water itself.

Can I install my Home Irrigation System myself?

This is a question that most people ask when ordering a system. Should I save myself money and install it myself or hire a professional to do it? Ask yourself, how big is the area? Is the area flat of hilly? How much do I know about irrigation systems?

Installing a system with no guidance can be frustrating work if you are unfamiliar with such tasks. That’s where we come in! Most issues people have with installing their own home irrigation systems comes from confusing design or design flaws. These can be easily avoided by getting us to design it for you! When purchasing a home irrigation system from Newtons Building & Landscape Supplies, we’ll provide a FREE custom design for your yard. We then supply you with everything you need, taking the difficulty out of doing it yourself. Simply take it home and get to work.

Although, if you still want or need a professional to install it for you then we can connect you with the right people! Alternatively, you can use the Master Landscapers of SA website to find a licensed landscaper or irrigation installer.

Our Top Home Irrigation System Products:

At Newtons Building and Landscape Supplies we stock reputable and popular brands. Our best-selling brands include Hunter and Rainbird. Both offer great performance and either may be suitable for your yard. To help decide which brand will work best for your garden, feel free to speak to our dedicated irrigation team over the phone or come in-store today!

Popular Hunter Home Irrigation System Products:

Hunter PSU Sprinklers:

These sprinklers are slim line which come in 5cm, 10cm and 15cm models. Its design incorporates a two-piece ratchet, durable cap, male-threaded riser and large filter screen. This model has a radius of 2.2m to 5.8m.

Hunter MP Rotators:

These sprinkler nozzles are a great addition to existing or brand new systems. With multiple streams of water at a steady rate, these rotators ensure an even spread. A range flexibility of 2.5m to 10.7m radius, these sprinklers are perfect for any size yard as they can be adjusted accordingly.

Hunter X-Core Controllers:

This controller is perfect for home irrigation systems! It offers smart controls which regulate its run times based on local weather forecasts. This means that if you have scheduled your system to turn on but it is forecasted to rain it won’t run unless you choose it to (requires a Solar Sync ET Sensor). With the ability to control up to 8 stations, you can customise this controller to your individual needs.

Popular Rainbird Home Irrigation System Products:

R-Van Nozzles:

Similar to the Hunter MP Rotators, the R-Van Nozzles are an additional feature to your system. With the ability to adjust the arch and radius this model is easily customisable so it’s perfect for a yard of any size!

RZXe Controllers:

This controller allows for ease of use and has all the latest specs. This controller has a weather sensor which turns off when rain is forecast. As such, it is programmable under battery power and has the capability to water ALL or SINGLE zones on demand. Once linked to Wi-Fi the controller is fully programmable by the app, which means ease of remote control use!


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