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Hebel is a strong, versatile, high performance building product made from Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC). Newtons Building and Landscape Supplies now stock Australia’s only manufacturer of AAC by CSR Hebel. With over 25 years of experience, you can be assured you’re getting a high quality product with the technical expertise to back it up. Hebel is available from Newtons in blocks and panels. It’s easy to handle, quick to build with, and better to live in. Hebel panels contain anti-corrosion steel reinforcement for added strength and are available in a range of lengths for applications including walls, floors and external cladding.


Hebel is a versatile building material that can be used for a number of applications including houses, apartments, commercial buildings and civil applications.


Hebel delivers a range of benefits to both the builder and homeowner – it’s quick and easy to build with, better to live in, and a sustainable way to build.



Suitable for use on residential external facades. PowerPanelXL is fast and easy to install with outstanding acoustic and thermal qualities.

The PowerPanel XL external wall system is:

  • 75mm thick
  • steel-reinforced AAC panel
  • fixed vertically to Hebel’s patented perforated Top Hat sections

Installing the Hebel PowerPanelXL system is 60% faster and provides outstanding acoustic and thermal insulation performance when compared to traditional masonry. It is also non-combustible, making it the perfect choice in bushfire zones. Each PowerPanelXL panel is Strong and solid containing steel reinforcement for added strength with an anti-corrosion layer on the steel for maximum durability.


Intertenancy / Dual Zero Boundary walls for low rise multi-residential buildings and external walls for houses and low rise multi-residential buildings. The patented Hebel PowerPanel50 panel is a great choice for intertenancy/party walls, dual zero boundary walls and external walls on low-rise multi-residential projects, and external walls on houses.

Hebel PowerPanel50 is:

  • Available in 2400mm, 2550mm, 2700mm, 2850mm and 3000mm lengths
  • 50mm thick
  • Contains steel reinforcement for added strength with an anti-corrosion layer on the steel for maximum durability.
  • Developed, tested and manufactured here in Australia, and warranted by CSR.


An excellent flooring solution that provides the feel of a solid concrete floor without the price tag. Squeak-free with acoustic and thermal insulation properties.

PowerFloor is:

  • A sound investment for a peaceful home
  • 75mm steel-reinforced AAC panels
  • Installed over steel or timber joists
  • Provides an excellent base for just about any floor covering – including timber strips, carpet and tiles.

The superior acoustic performance and thermal insulation properties of this flooring system mean it helps to keep your house warmer in winter and cooler in summer – as well as minimising noise transference between rooms and floors of the house. There is no squeak or bounce and flex associated with particleboard flooring, or the expensive price tag that comes from traditional concrete floors, making it a great choice for first floors and suspended ground floors, decks and balconies.


A unique load-bearing reinforced floor system that provides a solid, fully engineered and cross-braced floor for residential and commercial construction.

The PowerFloor+ system is:

  • Extremely strong panels
  • Steel reinforced for added strength with an anti-corrosion layer on the steel for maximum durability
  • Interlocking to form a smooth and strong floor, without the need to wait for concrete to cure and with limited propping

The interlocking of the PowerFloor+ panels with grout creates a full fire seal between panels, which – combined with Hebel’s fire-resistant properties – means it can achieve Fire Resistance Levels of up to 3 hours without relying on ceiling systems. Load-bearing and spanning up to 5.85m without floor framing or joists, PowerFloor+ is lightweight – the lighter loads assisting to reduce slabs, columns and footings, and can be made to length resulting in less wastage. The PowerFloor+ system achieves excellent thermal performance, ensuring thermal ratings are easily met, and once finished it is able to be covered with a variety of common floor coverings, making it the ideal choice for residential or commercial floors.


As featured on The Block, Hebel’s innovative masonry fencing system is attractive, affordable and easy to install.

Hebel PowerFence is:

  • Modular structure using standard PowerPanels and steel posts
  • Quickly and easily installed
  • Extremely versatile, solid and strong, and doesn’t require extensive excavation or strip footing,
  • Ideal for houses, multi-residential projects, low-rise apartments and DIY projects

PowerFence is the perfect addition to the home as it can be rendered or painted to enhance any home design, and routed to create different looks and finishes. Non-combustible, PowerFence is perfect for bushfire zones and it contains steel reinforcement for added strength with an anti-corrosion layer on the steel for maximum durability. Create more privacy for your home and reduce external noise by using PowerFence as boundary fencing or as a beautiful fence for your home.

To learn more about our Hebel products and systems, contact us for a range of Hebel guides, manuals, brochures and files.