How to get the golf course look

Are you chasing that perfect lawn to show off to your friends and neighbours? We are experts in all aspects of lawn care, from preparing the soil, selecting the correct variety right through to fertilisers, irrigation and weed and pest control. We stock and supply a wide range of specialty lawn products to professional turf growers, councils, schools and golf courses. All plants require 4 things to grow: Sunlight, air, water and nutrients. Finding the right balance of these is crucial to your lawn growing well. Follow these lawn care tips to achieve the golf course look.


Selecting the right variety of grass is crucial to how successful your lawn will be. Factors to consider include the amount of direct sunlight that will reach the grass. Consider the difference between summer and winter as well. If your area does not receive at least 6 hours of direct sunlight per day then varieties such as couch or kikuyu will not perform well. Buffalo varieties can handle as little as 2-3 hours of direct sunlight. Any area that is constantly shaded will not be successful. You may also want to consider how much time you want to spend maintaining your lawn. Generally couches and fescues will require more water, fertiliser and mowing that buffalo or zoysia grass.


Soil preparation is by far the most important first step to ensure your lawn grows successfully. The ideal soil type for growing lawn is generally a sandy loam. Our blend is a mix of 80% sand to 20% loam. Unfortunately it is difficult to have a “one solution fits all” as our soil in Adelaide varies from heavy clay in the eastern suburbs to very sandy towards the coast. Beginning with a sandy soil is by far easier to work with than heavy clay. The end result is a fine balance between allowing air and water to reach the roots of the lawn and increasing water holding capacity. As sandy loam has little nutrients in it a regular fertilising program with organic components will help to increase the water holding capacity.


Ensuring your lawn gets the right amount of water is a year-round fine balance. An automatic system will generally give you the best results. In general fewer but longer watering times is best, as it encourages the roots of the grass to grow deeper into the ground searching for water. This has the benefit of increasing the drought tolerance and uses less water overall.


Different types of lawn require a different frequency of mowing. Grass generally grows more in spring and autumn compared to other seasons as well. Couch varieties have the highest mowing requirements, followed closely by kikuyu. Buffalo grass tends to have more medium requirements, zoysia can get away with only two or three times a year! Barrel style mowers will give the best results, however they are quite expensive to purchase.


All plants require specific nutrients to grow and your lawn is no different. Chemical based fertiliser will give you more immediate results, however they can be detrimental to your soil health over time. Organic based fertiliser will help to encourage good bacteria in your soil that will allow the plants to take up more nutrients. Using a mix of the two would be the best way to keep you lawn happy.