Laying Turf In Extreme Heat

Notice to customers laying turf from 17/12/19 to the 22/12/19

Heat Warning:

Given the extreme weather conditions forcast for the above dates, we do not recommend laying turf. Turf that is rolled out in these conditions is very susceptible to drying out if it isn’t managed properly.

If you choose to go ahead, you assume the responsibility and risk of ensuring it is kept moist at all times.

In these conditions, turf must be watered at regular intervals of 2 hours from 6am till 6pm. This equates to 6 times per day. Ensure that the turf does not dry out at any time. It is not enough to water your turf heavily in the morning and then again heavily in the evening – if you do this, the turf will dry out during the day.

Indicators that your turf is dry include:

  • The joins of the turf turning brown
  • The turf going a blue colour then going brown
  • The blades of the turf shriveling

If any of these instances occur, water more frequently.

If you have any questions, give us a call on 8298 0555