Make a backyard cricket pitch in time for Australia Day!

It’s January 25th, you’ve got the snags, Coopers Pale Ale, inflatable Havaianas and everything else you need to celebrate our great nation on Australia Day. But what about your backyard cricket pitch? It wouldn’t be Australia Day without a controversial game of backyard cricket.
We’ve put together your guide to a last minute backyard cricket pitch in time for tomorrow! Don’t worry, its daylight saving and we’re confident you could have the perfect backyard pitch ready to roll in under 3 hours.
Step 1: Start with marking out either a half size pitch (10 meters) or full size pitch (20 meters) if you’re lucky enough to have the room

Step 2: Use a petrol lawn mower to cut down your pitch one level at a time until it is much lower than the surrounding grass. As the height of the grass gets lower, mow cross ways as well as length ways to ensure the grass is cut as low as possible.

Step 3: Use a rake to collect the grass clippings.

Step 4: Repeat the process in step 2 to expose more soil. This time, leave any excess lawn clippings.

Step 5: Using a lawn water roller, roll over the pitch lengthways repeatedly to compact the wicket as much as possible.

Step 6: Insert wickets and paint or mark your creases.

Step 7: Grab your mates and start playing

TIP: Want to make your pitch more pro? Top dress the pitch with a sandy loam to fill in any ridges or holes. This will provide an even better batting surface.

If you need any of the tools above, don’t worry, Newtons Building and Landscape Supplies have you covered AND we are open from 9am until 3pm Australia Day!

Send in your DIY last minute Australia Day backyard cricket pitch photos and how long it took you to complete using hashtag #newtonsBLS.

PSSST! It’s ok, we can also help you get that backyard cricket pitch back to looking like a luscious green lawn in no time.



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