Need PVC Stormwater Pipe?

PVC stormwater pipe and fittings are available from Newtons Building and Landscape Supplies in Adelaide.

Our vast selection of PVC stormwater pipe and fittings are the perfect solution for your building and renovating needs. Newtons Building and Landscape Supplies’ wide range of stormwater is also the ideal solution for damaged stormwater and stormwater repairs.

Our range of PVC stormwater pipe and fittings include tees, coupling reducers, stormwater pipe, caps, elbows at different degrees, grates, couplings and junctions. Newtons Building and Landscape Supplies’ stormwater fittings range from 75mm right through to 150mm.

Need stormwater repairs? It is necessary to differentiate between what is considered minor or localised damage and what can be deemed as more extensive damage. Minor or localised damage should be limited to small holes in the stormwater pipe. In these situations, bolt tensioned wrap-around stainless steel repair fittings can be used. When there is major damage to the PVC stormwater pipe that has been caused by excavators or other machinery, the damaged section should be removed and replaced with a new length of pipe using slip couplings.

If you are a tradesman, you’ll know the cost effectiveness and advantages of long lengths, ease of handling and installation and the proven performance of PVC pipes for stormwater applications. That’s why we sell 6 metre lengths of PVC stormwater pipe. If you deem 6m to be excessive and unnecessary, we can even cut it to the nearest metre length for you.

Newtons Building and Landscape Supplies can also assist you with your irrigation designs.

With our team of qualified irrigation design experts, you can feel confident that we have all the knowledge and products required to design and supply you with the perfect irrigation solution.

No matter what stormwater solution you may need, the team at Newtons Building and Landscape Supplies can help you. Should you be unable to come into the store to pick up your needed PVC stormwater pipe and fittings we can deliver anywhere in Adelaide.