Garden power tools are surprisingly useful in residential households no matter how big or small your outdoor space. They make easy work of what used to be tiring tasks. From trimming trees or hedges to blowing away leaves and debris, garden power tools are a must have for every household. Newtons stocks a wide range of garden power tools for every need. We also provide servicing and repairs for all types and models.

“Must Haves” for your Garden Power Tools include;


A blower is the “must have” Garden Power Tool for everyone as they have a variety of uses. Besides the obvious blowing leaves, clippings and debris, some other surprising uses include:

  • Cleaning out debris from your lawn mower
  • Cleaning clogged gutters
  • Drying your car after washing
  • Clear out your dryer vents

The most common use for a blower is to move leaves from grass or other parts of the garden. Although it may seem like a simple task, have a strategy, pick your day wisely and use an efficient technique. We suggest walking slowly with the blower at your side, using back-and-forth motions for a smooth flow of air.

The most efficient way to gather leaves is to blow the leaves in one direction into small sections then blow them in their final resting place. Think about blowing onto a tarp for easy collection and disposal.

Try removing your leaves on days with no wind or when the wind is blowing in the direction that you want the leaves to go. As such, you won’t get far trying to move leaves on a day with strong winds. It’s also much harder to blow wet leaves than dry ones. So, test the moisture by blowing at the base of the pile of leaves. If it struggles to move, it is too wet and better done another day when they are dryer.

EGO POWER + Blower:

leaf blower garden power tool

  • Battery powered (56-volt ARC Lithium-Ion battery)
  • Lightweight
  • No effort button start
  • Turbine fan engineering
  • Low vibrations for ease of use
  • Extended motor life compared to petrol operated models
  • Comes with 2.5 Ah battery and charger
  • Up to 75 min run time and charges in 50 with standard charger or 30 minutes with the EGO 56-Volt Rapid charger (sold separately)
  • Low noise

Hedge trimmers

As the name would suggest, hedge trimmers are used to trim hedges. As a general rule, if you have flowering or fruiting hedge you will want to wait until all flowers or fruit have grown before trimming with this garden power tool. Other than that, you will only need to trim in the summer, unless it is a formal hedge and you want a shape with more structure. Furthering this, formative pruning is done right after planting a hedge to dictate the shape you want. In contrast, deciduous hedges will need to be trimmed in the winter after planting and evergreen hedges to be pruned in the spring. Both varieties will need to be trimmed regularly for the first two years to form their shape.

EGO 61cm Battery Hedge Trimmer:

ego hedge trimmer garden power tool

  • Cordless for ease of movement
  • Low noise
  • Battery operated so no fumes!
  • 3000 strokes per minute for clean, fast cuts
  • Can cut branches up to 22mm thick
  • 2.5 Ah 56-Volt Lithiu,-Ion Battery
  • 610 mm Dual Action Blades
  • 75 minute run time with 2.5Ah battery
  • 50 minute charge time with included charger or 30 minute charge time with rapid charger

Husqvarna 122HD45 Hedge Trimmer:

husqvarna hedge trimmer garden power tools

  • Smart start: starts quickly with minimum effort
  • Low noise engine: allows you to use your trimmer whenever you’d like, without disturbing the neighbours
  • Auto return stop switch: stop switch automatically resets to ON for easy starting
  • Easy starting: air purge for ease of operating
  • LowVib: anti vibration system reduces vibrations from the handle and throttle control

Brush Cutters and Trimmers:

Brush cutters can be powerful enough to cut though overgrown plants, weeds are grass that lawn mowers could not handle. These garden power tools have a specific cutting area so if you start hacking at the vegetation with random actions you will likely damage the machine. However, when you operate the machine effectively you will make short work of removing unwanted bushes. Remember, the cutting zone is at the top of the blade, 90 degrees to the left. So make sure to feed the blade into the vegetation slowly and press up against the part you wish to remove. If you hit a thick branch the machine will kick back so always work with a strong stance and with a firm grip just in case.

Husqvarna Combi-Unit 122LK:

husqvarna combi uni garden power tools

  • Intuitive controls: both the coke and purge are in easily accessible spots
  • Auto return stop switch: stop switch automatically resets to ON for easy starting
  • Easy starting: air purge for easy starting
  • Smart start: starts quickly with minimum effort
  • Two-piece shaft: allows for easy transport and storage
  • Multi-purpose: capability to attach a variety of accessories
  • High torque bevel gear: allows for best cutting performance
  • Tap ‘N Go Trimmer head: Twin line cutting system

Garden Power Tools Servicing

Newtons Building and Landscaping offer garden power tool servicing, repairs and sales by an expert team. Regular servicing is essential to ensure that your tools are performing at their best.

Our services are affordable and we offer a wide range of maintenance and repairs on any brand and model of garden power tool. Likewise, our specialist team know garden power tools, so you can trust in a superior service right here in Adelaide; located at Newton and Evanston South.

Come in-store to get a professional tune-up. Currently we’re offering 10% off on power tool servicing until 28/2/19 (Labour costs only. Terms and conditions apply).

Call us on 08 8415 7777 to enquire about garden power tool servicing, repair or sales.


Author: Jessica Coe

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