Newtons Truckie Reaches One Million Kilometres

Newtons Building and Landscape Supplies’ longest-serving truck driver has surpassed driving one million kilometres in a single vehicle.

Peter Masseroni, 84, founded Newtons Building and Landscape Supplies in 1979, and has been with the company for 42 years.

After selling the company to new owners in 1996, he continued working for the company as a truck driver.

Peter’s vehicle of choice – a 1998 Mitsubishi Fuso Canter Light Duty Truck – is the oldest operating truck in the Newtons Building and Landscape Supplies fleet.

Peter’s total driving distance, which currently sits at 1,060,000 in the single truck, is equivalent to driving 26 times around the earth, or driving to the moon and back, and three quarters of the way there again.

Throughout the truck’s lifespan, it has only required minor repairs of one new clutch, as well as a radiator and brake pad changes.

Peter said that the truck had become his pride and joy over the past 24 years.

“[Being at Newtons] is part of my life. I’ve been here for as far as I can remember. It’s been 24 years since Frank took over, and before that, another 25-30 years. That’s it. That’s the life of a man,” Said Peter.

Peter was awarded with a plaque from Daimler Truck and Bus for achieving one million canter kilometres.

Doug Thompson from Mitsubishi Fuso Australia says this is a testament to how tough their trucks are built, and Peter’s story is perfect to commemorate 50 years of Canter trucks in Australia.

“To have such a unique opportunity to come here today and meet someone who has been so committed and passionate is a very rare opportunity,” said Doug.

“It really is a credit to the customer for putting their faith in it.”

Owner of Newtons Building and Landscape Supplies, Frank Ferella, describes Peter as the perfect employee.

“Peter’s work ethics are second to none – he is always on time and brings nothing but joy to the staff and customers,” said Frank.

“If he is going to be remembered for anything, he’ll be remembered for the man who smiles and puts a smile on people’s faces.”