Planning a new garden?

Are you planning on establishing a new garden bed? There are a number of easy steps you can follow to ensure your garden grows well for years to come.

Firstly take a look at what your existing soil is like. If you have hard, heavy clay soil you will need to add gypsum and organic compost to help open it up. Gypsum (also known as clay breaker) will help to work the clay apart. Bear in mind that it can take up to 3 years for gypsum to be effective. By using a rotary hoe to dig organic matter through you will achieve the best results. Alternatively if you have sandy soil then only organic compost and manures will need to be added. It also helps to check the pH of the soil, test kits are cheap to buy. Depending on what you are planning on growing you may need to adjust the pH.

If you are needing to raise the level of the ground the addition of a good garden loam will help improve you success. When you are adding soil it is still beneficial to work over the existing soil to break it up. If this is not done the result would be similar to putting the new soil on concrete. This is due to the difference in soil structures, water and roots of plants will always find the path of least resistance.

Once you have your soil improved and at the final level it is time to plan out your planting and irrigation system. Remember we offer a free irrigation design service for all retail customers. We can take out the guess work and give you an upfront quote so there is no suprises. After your irrigation and plants are in don’t forget to finish off with mulch. This is important as mulching will help regulate soil temperatures and retain moisture.