Amari Slimline

A stylish new range of Garden beds available in a variety of different shapes and styles that can accommodate for your domestic needs.

Made from Z600 steel and available in Colour Bond if desired to match your surroundings, these corrugated garden beds can be fitted with a plastic base which is positioned halfway between the internal walls. Your new garden bed will need less soil, so you won’t waste water and it will also be much lighter for easy manoeuvrability.

Available Sizes:

1100L x 600W x 450H

1100L x 600W x 800H

1900L x 650W x 450H

1900L x 650W x 450H

2100L x 560W x 450H

2100L x 560W x 800H

2500L x 750W x 450H

2500L x 750W x 800H

3000L x 930W x 450H

3000L x 930W x 800H

3000L x 1200W x 450H

3000L x 1200W x 850H

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