Antelco Asta Stake – Various Sizes

Asta® Stake

The Asta® Stake range provides a variety of solutions for stabilising the components of micro irrigation systems.


• Asta® Stakes available in 3 height options.
• Asta® Stakes suitable for plasticised PVC and polyethylene tubing (4 mm).
• UV stabilised materials for long life.


Asta® Stakes for rigid riser stability; Asta® Stake Hold-Down for securing drip and micro irrigation systems; Asta® Stake Assemblies for home gardens and landscape applications.

Available sizes:

Item number M-872680 – Antelco Asta Stake 310mm

Item number M-872681 – Antelco Asta Stake 420mm

Item number M-872682 – Antleco Asta Stake 530mm