Bermuda TifTuf Instant Turf

TifTuf Bermuda Grass has been scientifically forged to produce a great looking, all round instant lawn with superior qualities, whilst requiring minimal inputs.


  • This grass is suitable to install in areas of full sun or up to 50% filtered light as it has proven to be a shade tolerant grass that can thrive in either.
  • TifTuf Bermuda lawn provides dense growth that handles high wear situations with rapid recovery from damage. The dense growth will also inhibit weed establishment.
  • Its fine leaf blades contribute to it being a shade tolerant grass and give it a lovely softness, making this instant grass ideal for many applications, including backyards, sports, leisure and display purposes.
  • It has a fantastic green colour throughout winter, which is when the Bermuda grass becomes dormant, and then has excellent spring green up qualities.
  • TifTuf Bermuda is a superior drought tolerant grass which uses 38% less water than other grasses. During drought periods it will maintain its quality and continue to grow instead of going dormant.
  • With TifTuf lawn’s high resistance to disease and insect infestations, you won’t need to use insect control very often. But if necessary, with correct use, it will recover well.


  • TifTuf Bermuda Grass has a high growth rate which means it has a higher mowing requirement. Every 4 -7 days is recommended, at a height of between 12-50mm with either a rotary mower or cylinder mower for a cleaner cut. This frequency will keep your turf dense with minimal weed growth.
  • Due to the fast establishment of the TifTuf instant lawn, we recommend the first mow should occur 2 weeks after laying for best results.
  • Regular watering in the warmer months will keep your TifTuf Bermuda lawn looking its best.
  • TifTuf requires less fertilising than other grasses. We recommend fertilizing at ¼ the rate of other lawns otherwise you may notice lower performance or discolouring of the lawn.
  • TifTuf Bermuda grass requires 4 hours of direct sunlight per day