Chemical LSA Grub Guard 2L ea


Grub Guard
Grub Guard kills most pests and their larva. Grub Guard is the total solution, with an
easy spray-on applicator.
Aphids, bugs, caterpillars, heliothis, thrips, leafhoppers, army worms and grasshoppers.
Pack Sizes
2L trigger spray bottle
Approximate area of coverage
Up to 150m²
Grub Guard comes in a handy ready-to-use 2L trigger pack which covers up to
150m². The amount of bottle content needed to use through a sprayer will
depend on the size of the customers area of coverage and sprayer size. Apply at
the first sign of pest infestation and before pest populations build up to damaging
levels. Ensure thorough coverage of infested leaves and stems. Repeat treatment if pests
reappear or repeat treatment at 3 month intervals to prevent re-infestation.
DO NOT allow chemical containers or spray to get into drains, sewers or ponds. DO
NOT spray directly on humans, pets, exposed food, food preparation areas or food
utensils. DO NOT spray if bees are feeding on flowers plants; will kill bees.
DO cover fish tanks/ponds before using; dangerous to fish. DO NOT feed treated
grass clippings to livestock.

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Product Details
• Does not need to be watered in.
• Do not apply during rain, hail, snow or if expected within 24 hours or if
temperatures are expected to exceed 28 degrees.
• Do not allow to enter waterways, pipes, etc.
• Do not use grass clippings from treated areas for mulching vegetable
gardens or fruit trees.
• Do not feed clippings from treated areas to livestock, poultry, etc.
• Do not spray on flowering plants that bees will feed on as it will kill them.
• Do not apply to dry soil profiles or lawns that are under moisture stress.