Maison Custom Coping

Pencil Lip Coping
Elegant simplicity has made this the most popular style for both straight & curved pools. Also great for bench tops, wall capping and steps.


Scotia Coping
Traditionally inspired, the Scotia is commonly used for tables and pool coping. It can be curved to most radii therefore making it an admired choice for curved pools.


Square Edge Coping 
The clean finish of the square edge provides a modern simplicity with the flexibility of being produced as straights or fitted to most curves.


Are you looking at installing a swimming pool in your backyard? As you may have already found out there is much more to installing a swimming pool than just plonking it in the ground and filling it with water.

Maison is a specialist in swimming pool coping which is an essential part of building a pool at both a practical and aesthetic level.
Pool coping is placed around the top edge of the swimming pool to protect the pool structure from the surrounds while linking the pool into the paved area.

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