Davey Rainbank KRB4 Kit **NS**

The Davey Rainbank KRB4 Kit automatic controller for rainwater harvesting allows the control of water supply for toilet and laundry applications by automatically selecting the water source with rainwater being the priority and mains water the back-up. Rain Bank automatically switches between rainwater and mains water supply, so there is no need for consumer intervention. Rainbank KRB4 Kit is ideal for metropolitan rainwater harvesting on homes, toilet blocks and garden irrigation.

Above ground Mains Back-Up pump system for connection to toilet/laundry. Suitable for single storey buildings and double storey for  9 outlets. System comes complete with Rainbank, HM90-13 Pump and a top entry tank level float (to enable low water detection). 2 Year Warranty Rainbank is an automatic water pump and mains water switch-over system for utilising rainwater for the garden tap, toilets and washing machine. The pumps are high quality, Australian made stainless steel models. The reliable design provides for low operating noise with high efficiency. It is suitable for above and below ground tanks.

Features & Benefits

  • Automatically switches between rainwater and mains water, ensuring reliable supply
  • Save water by using rainwater to flush toilets, wash clothes and water gardens
  • Provides seamless mains backup in the event of an empty rainwater tank or electrical interruptions
  • Saves energy by not repumping mains water and uses no power in standby mode
  • Built-in back flow prevention 'dual check' valve for added safety
  • RainBank and controller can be mounted on the pump or a nearby wall, up to 9 metres from tank

How RainBank works – When an appliance like a toilet or washing machine is being filled, RainBank detects the water beginning to flow along the pipes and pumps rainwater if it is available – effectively switching the water source from the domestic mains to the rainwater supply. If the rainwater supply is exhausted, RainBank switches off the pump and allows mains water to flow.

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