Electrofusion Coupler – Various Sizes

Fusion Group’s Fusamatic division is a world leader in the manufacture of electrofusion fittings. All Fusion’s electrofusion fittings are individually inspected using a computerised monitoring system that utilises advanced barcode technology. The barcode provides full individual fitting traceability right down to the polymer batch. Together, electrofusion fittings and polyethylene pipes enable utilities, designers and contractors to create fully welded pipe networks. The production quality, reliability and flexibility of Fusion’s electrofusion fittings provides the certainty and peace of mind needed for polyethylene pipe jointing.

Our electrofusion fittings are inspected with a computerised monitoring system, using advanced barcode technology. Each fitting is checked for coil resistance/continuity and correct fusion time as well as receiving a quality check by trained inspectors.
Product features include:
 Fusamatic pin
 Indicator lugs
 Moulded-in welding
 Features work with Fusionwelds next generation control boxes

Available sizes:

Item number EF-CBKHA25 – Electrofusion Coupler EF 25mm

Item number EF-CBKHA32 – Electrofusion Coupler EF 32mm

Item number EF-CBKHA40 – Electrofusion Coupler EF 40mm

Item number EF-CBKHA50 – Electrofusion Coupler EF 50mm

Item number EF-CBKHA63 – Electrofusion Coupler EF 63mm

Item number EF-CBKHA90 – Electrofusion Coupler EF 90mm

Item number EF-CBKHA110 – Electrofusion Coupler EF 110mm