Fertiliser LSA Exceed Liquid 2.5L ea


Exceed Liquid Fertiliser
Exceed Liquid Fertiliser is a premium, professional foliar fertiliser designed to bring
out the best in any lawn.
Exceed can be used on all grass types including
kikuyu, couch, buffalo, zoysia and cool season
2.5L Bottle
Approximate area of coverage
The 2.5L concentrate will cover up to 1,250m²
Apply in the cool hours of the day.
Use a higher rate if a darker turf colour is required.
Apply monthly when active growth is present or
when nutrient deficiency symptoms are visible to
maintain even growth and colour for your lawn.
Lightly water in after application.
Avoid applying to footpaths, driveways and other
hard surfaces.
This product contains Iron and if not washed off
immediately can stain hard surfaces.
This product is safe to use in a domestic situation,
around humans and domestic animals.

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Product Details
• Iron and Manganese to enhance a darker green colour.
• Suitable for use on all lawn varieties.
• Perfect for new and established lawns at any time of year.
• Provides an almost instant boost to the health of your lawn.
• Providing health and colour to your lawn during the growing period.
• Potassium to harden leaf cell wall and foster harder wearing turf.

Additional Information
Weight 3.2 kg
Dimensions 90 × 160 × 240 mm