Fertiliser LSA Fertiliser 10kg ea


For home lawns to golf courses, this professional blend brings lawns to life with both
fast and slow release granules packed with essential nutrients and trace elements to
encourage strong growth and rich colour.

10kg up to 1000m²
Apply evenly over lawn surface at the above rate using either a fertiliser spreader
(use manufacturer’s settings) or apply by hand. If hand spreading the average adult
hand holds approximately 50g of this product, so by using the coverage rate, each
handful should cover 2m². Use a smooth motion when spreading by hand. To most
evenly cover your lawn area walk in a‘criss-cross’ pattern whilst spreading to obtain
even distribution. (Keep in mind the application rate when doing so). Water in well
immediately following application to avoid burning.

Keep out of reach of children. Plant nutrients can cause staining of sidewalks.
Sweep walkways prior to irrigation. Walkways should be dry at time of application.
Harmful if swallowed. The dust from this product may act as an irritant.
Avoid inhalation and contact with the eyes and skin.
16:0.7:4 + 20% S, 1.5% Ca, 2% Fe

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Product Details
• Needs to be watered in after application.
• Harmful if swallowed.
• Avoid inhalation, contact with skin and eyes.
• Avoid application to lawn until after mowing.
• Clean off hard surfaces before irrigation.
• Do not apply to wet surfaces.
• Can be used as a starter fertiliser.