Garden Hose Extender 7.5m

12mm Hose Extender
Add instant length to garden hose with the Pope 7.5m Hose Extender. Featuring 12mm hose connectors with Pope’s unique Perma Fit® super strong connections to ensure secure and leak free watering.

Pope hose connectors provide easy snap on/off connection to your tap adaptor, hand spray or sprinkler.

Here are 5 tips to get the most out of your Pope garden hose:

  1. Unroll the entire length of your hose and lay it out flat before use
  2. Keep your hose on a hose reel or cart
  3. Turn the water off at the tap after each use
  4. Don’t run over your hose with a car or other heavy objects
  5. Use a hand spray or nozzle for more effective watering
  • Includes 2 x 12mm Perma Fit® hose connections and 1 x two way hose coupler
  • Medium duty garden hose
  • UV treated to withstand the Australian sun’s harmful rays
  • Snaps into 12mm hose connector
  • Kink resistance 5/10