GARDENA Flex Water Computer – 1200kPa Rated

GARDENA Flex Water Computer connects to your tap and controls the irrigation of your garden automatically with ease allowing you to pursuit other activities. Programming is uncomplicated thanks to the step-by-step menu, simple controls and easy-to-read energy saving LCD display.

Thanks to its extra-short watering cycles, the Flex Water Computer is the perfect match for drip-irrigation systems and the little-but-often watering needs of pot plants. It can be connected to a GARDENA Soil Moisture Sensor (G1188) to increase water saving efficiency (sold separately)

Start time, watering duration (1 sec. to 99 mins. 59 secs.) and frequency (every 4,6,8,12,24,48 or 72 hrs) can be easily programmed and the unit can be used manually at any time. Made from UV stabilised material tested to the equivalent of 3 years of Australian sunshine and is rated to 1200 kPa.


The weatherproof detachable control panel makes handling and programming trouble-free and comfortable and the key lock feature ensures that programming is childproof. The rotating swivel Tap Nut Adaptor, suitable for ¾” and 1” taps, allows the Water Control to be connected to a tap that is located very close to a wall.


The integrated battery level display indicates 4 battery levels: up to 1 year, min. 4 weeks, max. 4 weeks and too weak to use. The Safe Water Stop function verifies that there is enough battery power to complete the upcoming watering cycle. If not, the cycle is not commenced.

It is made in Germany and comes with a 2-year warranty.

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