GARDENA MultiControl Duo Water Computer – 1200kPa Rated

The GARDENA MultiControl Duo Water Computer connects to the tap and controls the irrigation of your garden automatically without having to lift a finger. It can be used to set automatic irrigation schedules for two separate garden areas or allows one outlet to be used for programming while keeping the other outlet free for use when required. The rotating swivel Tap Nut Adaptor allows the Water Computer to be connected to a tap that is located very close to a wall.


Programming is uncomplicated thanks to the step-by-step menu and easy-to-read LCD display. Each program can contain up to three irrigation sessions a day (24, 12 or 8 hour blocks) for up to 3 hours 59 minutes each. The choice of watering days is extremely flexible and simple to set. The watering days can be selected freely (any combination of M-Tu-W-Th-F-Sa-Su) or as specific intervals (every 2nd/3rd/7th day). Comes with 2-year warranty.

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