Greenline Rural Pipe – Various Sizes

Rural High Density Polyethelene

*  PE100 Pipe Rural “B”
*  Rated to 850kPa at 20 degrees celsius
*  Rural size on the INSIDE DIAMETER in the sizes and lengths indicated in our Catalogue

* Fittings available for all sizes and configurations.

Available sizes:

Item number RU-283055 – Green Ag Rural Poly Pipe CLB – 25mm x 200m

Item number RU-283090 – Greenline Rural Pipe CLB – 25mm Per Metre

Item number RU-283060 – Green Ag Rural Poly Pipe CLB – 32mm x 150m

Item number RU-283095 – Greenline Rural Pipe CLB – 32mm Per Metre

Item number RU-283070 – Green Ag Rural Poly Pipe CLB – 40mm x 150m

Item number RU-283100 – Greenline Rural Pipe CLB – 40mm Per Metre

Item number RU-283080 – Green Ag Rural Poly Pipe CLB – 50mm x 100m

Item number RU-283105 – Greenline Rural Pipe CLB – 50mm Per Metre


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