Greenwall Verticle Planting Kit

Vertical Planting Kit

Our GreenWall™ Vertical Planting Kit is an innovative growing system designed to transform any wall, fence or pillar into an edible oasis or design feature. Add greenery to entertaining areas, grow your own herbs and veggies, or create a statement entrance with the Vertical GreenWall™ system.


Engineered in Australia, the Vertical Planting Kit comes complete with a pre-installed watering system making it easier than ever to maintain. The inbuilt irrigation system has been designed to deliver controlled amounts of water into each individual pot through pressure compensating drippers.


  • Fully Integrated watering system
  • Modular brackets for easy expansion
  • Uses eight convenient pots and clever pressure compensating drippers
  • Simply add your own plants or flowers to create a beautiful vertical greenwall
  • Hang and grow in 30 minutes
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