HR Valve Boxes – Various Sizes

Valve boxes required as covers for solenoid valves and other items that you wish to cover finishing at ground level.

Available sizes:

Item number VB-650403 – Spotter Box 150mm Round 150mm Deep

Item number VB-650415 – HR-606-6 Valve Box 150 x 150 x 155mm Square

Item number VB-650416 – HR-606 Valve Box 150 x 150 x 210mm Square

Item number VB-650422 – HR-906 Valve Box 150 x 225 x 215mm Rectangle

Item number VB-650425 – HR-909-8 Valve Box 215 x 215 x 215mm Square

Item number VB-650430 – HR-909SQ Valve Box 215 x 215 x 260mm Square

Item number VB-650441 – HR1420-6 Valve Box 305 x 500 x 150mm

Item number VB-650442 – HR1419-6 Valve Box 305 x 420 x 160mm


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