Kemcrete Acrylic Bonding Agent

Kemcrete is an acrylic liquid based admixture and primer for structurally sound concrete and mortar mixtures.

Primer – use to bond screeds, renders and concrete toppings to porous concrete, brick, block etc. (Do not use as a primer in permanently immersed applications i.e. pools, tanks, etc., use Bonding Slurry).
Bonding Slurry – primer for immersed applications.
Mortar Additive – use to make waterproof renders, floor toppings, graded screeds, renders and patching compounds.
Kemgrip Additive – improves bond strength and water resistance of ceramic tile adhesives.

Item number 110057 – Kemcrete 5 Litre

Item number 110058 – Kemcrete 1 Litre