Lime Putty Red 25kg

Red Label Lime Putty is a Rocklime that has been fired at low calcination temperatures and then slaked to provide a high quality lime putty that is ready to use in plasters and many mortars to ensure maximum workability.

Red Label Lime Putty is available in 25Kg poly bags.

Where would I use Red Label Lime Putty?

It can be used for floating, setting and specialist mortar applications.

Red Label Lime Putty is ideal for using with hard set plaster or hardwall plaster. Add Red Label Lime Putty to your hardwall plaster instead of hydrated lime to make the plaster more workable and allow tradesmen more time to control larger areas of work than without the addition of lime putty.

For any lime based mortars, Red Label Lime Putty is the best option used for any heritage building re-pointing of stone or brick work. It is also perfect if you are building a straw bale house. Use with your renders so you don’t compromise the natural breathing of the walls.

Red Label Lime Putty is perfect for doing your lime wash finishes too.

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