Low Density Poly Pipe LDPE


Our low density poly pipe and fittings are ideal for irrigation projects. Our complete range includes all standard pipe sizes and is only the best quality. Low density poly is ideal for most domestic irrigation systems but is not suitable for constant pressure, in those cases we recommend you use Metric High Density Poly or PVC Pipe.

Available sizes:

Item number PP-3013025 – 13mm x 25m

Item number PP-3013050 – 13mm x 50m

Item number PP-3013100 – 13mm x 100m

Item number PP-3019025 – 19mm x 25m

Item number PP-3019050 – 19mm x 50m

Item number PP-3019100 – 19mm x 100m

Item number PP-3019200 – 19mm x 200m

Item number PP-3025025 – 25mm x 25m

Item number PP-3025050 – 25mm x 50m

Item number PP-3025100 – 25mm x 100m

Item number PP-3025200 – 25mm x 200m

Item number PP-3032100 – 32mm x 100m