Mapei Planitop Smooth and Repair R4 25kg

Non-structural repairs and smoothing layers on internal and external, horizontal and vertical concrete surfaces, suitable for repairing structures exposed to the open air
and in permanent contact with water.

Some typical application examples
• Quick repairs to deteriorated parts in concrete, the corners of beams, pillars, buffer walls, cornices and the front edges of balconies.
• Quickly smoothing over surface defects in cast concrete, such as honeycombs, spacer holes, construction joints, etc., before painting the surface.
• Repairing and smoothing over concrete mouldings on civil buildings, such as skirt roofs and protruding decorative elements.
• Repairing pre-cast concrete structures.

Planitop Smooth & Repair is a one-component, thixotropic mortar with very low emission of volatile organic compounds (EMICODE EC1 R Plus) made from special hydraulic binders, fine selected aggregates, synthetic polyacrylonitrile fibres, synthetic polymers and special admixtures, according to a formula developed in the MAPEI Research & Development Laboratories. After mixing, the product forms mortar with good workability and with setting and hardening times that can be modulated by adding Mapetard ES. It is applied by trowel in a single layer from 3 to 40 mm thick to repair and smooth over concrete.

Planitop Smooth & Repair hardens without shrinking and is characterised by its excellent adhesion to concrete substrates.

After hardening, Planitop Smooth & Repair has the following characteristics:
• excellent bond strength to both old concrete (? 1.5 MPa) if wetted beforehand with water, and steel reinforcement, especially when treated with Mapefer or Mapefer 1K anti-corrosion and re-alkalising cementitious mortars, certified EN 1504-7 “Corrosion protection of reinforcement”;
• high dimensional stability and, therefore, low risk of cracking during the plastic phase and when hardened;
• thermal compatibility to freeze/thaw cycles, measured as adhesion according to EN 1542;
• low permeability to water.

Planitop Smooth & Repair meets the requirements of EN 1504-9 (“Products and systems for protecting and repairing concrete structures: definitions, requirements, quality control and conformity assessment. General principles for the use of products and systems”) and the minimum requirements of EN 1504-3 (“Structural and non-structural repairs”) for non-structural R2-class mortars and the requirements of EN 1504-2 coating (C) according to principles MC and IR (“Concrete surface protection systems”).

• Do not apply Planitop Smooth & Repair on smooth substrates: roughen surfaces beforehand.
• Do not apply Planitop Smooth & Repair on dry substrates.
• Do not add cement or admixtures, except Mapetard ES.
• Do not add water to the mix to make it more workable once it starts to set.
• Do not leave bags of Planitop Smooth & Repair exposed to the sun before use.
• Do not use Planitop Smooth & Repair if the temperature is lower than 5°C.
• Do not use Planitop Smooth & Repair if the bag is damaged or if it has been opened previously.
• Do not use Planitop Smooth & Repair for fixing elements accurately in place (use Mapefill or Mapefill R).


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