Metric Tapping Saddle – Various Sized Fittings


Philmac’s range of Australian made metric compression fittings are the solution for the perfect connection every time thanks to Philmac’s unique Slide and Tighten™ technology. Each fitting is pre-assembled and ready to use so there’s no need to disassemble the fittings or prepare the pipe prior to use. Simply cut the PE pipe square and slide it into the fitting until you feel the first point of resistance and then tighten the nut to the flange on the body of the fitting.

With Philmac’s metric compression fittings, just slide and tighten and the job’s done!

Metric tapping saddles are used to install risers, adaptors for taps or extensions. The tapping saddle comes with two halves and is connected together with two bolts and washers, with a rubber seal to keep the fitting water tight. The pipe is then drilled out and the appropriate fitting is then attached to the thread. Ideal for high pressure situations and commercial valve assemblies.

Available sizes:

Item number ME-493700 – Philmac Metric Tapping Saddle 25mm x 3/4FI

Item number ME-493705 – Philmac Metric Tapping Saddle 32mm x 3/4FI

Item number ME-493710 – Philmac Metric Tapping Saddle 32mm x 1FI

Item number ME-493715 – Philmac Metric Tapping Saddle 40mm x 1FI

Item number ME-493720 – Philmac Metric Tapping Saddle 50mm x 1FI

Item number ME-493725 – Philmac Metric Tapping Saddle 63mm x 1-1/2FI