Boral Mini Cloverpave

Cloverpave’s eight sided interlocking shape becomes stronger under traffic flow locking together to provide a pavement with proven long-term stability. Cloverpave provides all of the advantages of a cement based product including resistance to rutting, resistance to oil and petrol attack.

Added advantages of Cloverpave is that it is a flexible segmental pavement, eliminating shrinkage, cracking and joint stepping, while maintaining ready access to underground services and easy rehabilitation. Cloverpave also provides abrasion and skid resistance. Boral Cloverpave 60 is ideal for low volume traffic areas such as footpaths, driveways and car parks

*Ash colour can be produced upon order of sufficient quantities. Please contact Newtons to confirm available colours for your region.

* Small Format
* Concrete Paver

Dimensions: 240 x 240 x 60mm

Paver Application
– Pedestrian
– Driveway

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