Moss Rocks – Various Sizes

Newtons Building and Landscape Supplies stock a large range of moss rocks in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Moss rocks have many applications when it comes to landscaping. Moss rocks can be used for retaining walls, as a natural and stylish seat or bench, steps, in a Japanese style landscape or garden, as a natural rock feature in your landscape or garden and much more. Moss rocks can even be used as a beautiful addition to a water feature or pond. The landscaping opportunities for moss rocks are endless.

Moss rocks add the perfect natural uniqueness and beauty to your landscape, home and garden. Moss rocks can give shape and functionality to your garden. Landscaping your garden with moss rocks also means low maintenance. Saving you time and money.

Moss rocks are simply an easy was to change and give the illusion of greater visual dimension and depth to you garden or landscape.