Multi Core Cable – Various Sizes

Multi Core Irrigation Cable is used to connect automatic irrigation controllers to solenoid valves. Multicore irrigation cable can be buried underground. When choosing multi core wire it is important to know how many solenoid valves you will be using. For example if you are running 2 valves you need 3 core wire, one for each valve and one for the common. If you are running 4 valves you need 5 core wire.

Available sizes:

Item number E-801300 – Multi-Core 0.5mm 5C 20m

Item number E-801301 – Multi-Core 0.5mm 7C 20m

Item number E-801302 – Multi-Core 0.5mm 9C 20m

Item number E-801335 – Multi-Core 0.5mm 3C 50m

Item number E-801337 – Multi-Core 0.5mm 5C 50m

Item number E-801339 – Multi-Core 0.5mm 7C 50m

Item number E-801341 – Multi-Core 0.5mm 9C 50m

Item number E-801303 – Multi-Core 0.5mm 3C 100m

Item number E-801305 – Multi-Core 0.5mm 5C 100m

Item number E-801307 – Multi-Core 0.5mm 7C 100m

Item number E-801309 – Multi-Core 0.5mm 9C 100m

Item number E-801313 – Multi-Core 0.5mm 13C 100m

Item number E-801378 – Multi-Core 1.0mm 3C 100m

Item number E-801379 – Multi-Core 1.0mm 5C 100m

Item number E-801380 – Multi-Core 1.0mm 7C 100m

Item number E-801381 – Multi-Core 1.0mm 9C 100m

Item number E-801382 – Multi-Core 1.0mm 13C 100m

Item number E-801386 – Multi Core 1.5mm 5C 100m

Item number E-801387 – Multi Core 1.5mm 7C 100m

Item number E-801388 – Multi Core 1.5mm 9C 100m

Item number E-801389 – Multi Core 1.5mm 13C 100m

Item number E-801396 – Single Core 2.5mm 500m