Munns Emerald Kikuyu Lawn Seed 1Kg

Emerald Kikuyu is a turf type kikuyu that has a darker green colour and finer leaf texture than vegetative kikuyu and other seeded varieties. Emerald Kikuyu is more cold tolerant than other warm season grasses and as a result, retains its green colour better in winter. It also withstands heat and drought well and is not susceptible to many common turf pests or diseases. It has good tolerance of wear and quickly recovers from injury. Its fine dense habit means it provides an excellent turf for the home gardener.

Some qualities of the Emerald Kikuyu are:

  • First turf-type Australian bred seeded Kikuyu grass.
  • Less invasive than other varieties.
  • Handles tough temperature, wear, part shade and drought conditions.

As a warm season grass, Emerald Kikuyu grows best over summer when temperatures are in the range 15 – 40°C. The grass has better winter colour retention than most and does not readily discolour with a single frost. The minimum temperature for growth is about 8°C (on established Emerald), well below that of most warm season grasses, such as Bermudagrass or couch grass (Cynodon dactylon).

Emerald Kikuyu has excellent tolerance for sustained periods of drought, even on sandy soils. It tolerates moderate soil salinity and salt spray and also has good tolerance to water logging.

This seed can be established on a wide range of soils. While it does best on well structured soils of high fertility, it can thrive on silty soils and sandy soils with moderate fertility. It can establish on very acidic soils (to pH 4.5) and soils with low phosphorus and potassium.

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