Netafim Landline (Miniscape)

Netafim Landline (Miniscape) is an 8mm OD (6mm ID) high-grade, UV stable brown poly drip line with a 2 L/Hour drip emitter inserted inside the poly tube at 30cm intervals. It is ideal for small and medium garden beds and lawns, the perfect replacement for micro-sprays.

  • Reduces water usage by up to 60%
  • Reduces plant disease
  • Can be installed above or below the surface, clog resistant
  • Flexible and easy to install in existing gardens
  • Maximum single run 15 metres or a loop run of 30 metres

It is recommended to install a filter, pressure regulator, air release valve and line flushing valve with all dripline systems.

Netafim Landline 8mm (Miniscape) 2L/Hr x 0.30m x 50m

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