Norma Stainless Steel Cobra Clamp – Various Sizes

One-piece hose clips

NORMACLAMP® COBRA products are bolt-free, one-piece hose clips. Their low overall height enables precise installation in even the tightest of spaces. NORMACLAMP® COBRA clamps are quick and easy to install.


• Bolt-free hose clip in one piece
• Quick, easy and safe installation
• Maintenance-free fit


• Machine building
• White goods
• Chemical industry
• Irrigation systems
• Food and beverage industry
• Agricultural machines
• Engine manufacturing
• Pump and filter
• Suction lines
• Ventilation lines
• Washing machine hoses
• Pneumatic lines

Available sizes:

Item number COBRA-C14 – NORMA S/Steel Cobra Clamp 14.5-16MM Ø

Item number COBRA-C15 – NORMA S/Steel Cobra Clamp 15.5-17MM Ø

Item number COBRA-C16 – NORMA S/Steel Cobra Clamp 16.5-18MM Ø

Item number COBRA-C20 – NORMA S/Steel Cobra Clamp 20.5-22MM Ø

Item number COBRA-C21 – NORMA S/Steel Cobra Clamp 21.5-23MM Ø

Item number COBRA-C28 – NORMA S/Steel Cobra Clamp 28.5-30MM Ø