Nuturf Turf Classic Starter 18-10-9 22.5KG


Classic Starter is designed to provide N:P:K of 18-10-9, enhancing spring green up and renovation growth. Classic Starter is ideal for use in sportsfields, fairways and amenity situations.

How to use

SEEDING, SODDING OR SPRIGGING: Apply during final soil preparation at 275 kg per hectare (50 kg N). Lightly rake or drag into the upper 6mm of soil. When seeding into established turf, mow grass as low as possible and slice turf to obtain adequate seed/soil contact.  Apply fertiliser as directed and plant seed. ESTABLISHED TURF: Apply 200 kg per hectare (20 kg P) for enhanced spring green up and renovation growth, and repeat as necessary to maintain adequate phosphorus levels in phosphorus deficient soils. For use on high cut turf areas (greater than 12 mm).  Do not use on putting greens, low cut tees or bowling greens.  Apply to dry foliage and water soon after application with 6 mm of water.




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