Onga VF150 Sump Pump


VF 150 is a single phase drainage pump. They are a handy asset to plumbers, drainers and general house holders.

Applications include septic effluent disposal, water transfer, grey water and sump pumping liquid including grey water of neutral pH with soft solids up to 15mm O.D. at a 10% content or fine solids at 1% concentration.

  • Automatic float, lip and double mechanical seals for improved service life, strong cast iron construction with 304SS shaft
  • Septic effluent disposal, water transfer and grey water up to 15mm soft solids


Product Features Customer Benefits
Cast Iron Construction Strong and durable for longer pump life
Vortex Impeller Capable of handling soft solids up to 15mm
Optimum Performance 4 Metres Head
80 Litres Per Minute
Automatic Float Switch Operation Protection against pump running dry
Lip Seal and Dual Mechanical Seal Improved service life