Osmocote Native Gardens 1Kg

Main product features

Contains 6 months feed
Contains 6 months feed
Fast & easy
Fast & easy
WaterSmart Technology
WaterSmart Technology

A no-fuss, set and forget controlled release plant food for plants the prefer low phosphorus feeding. The smart way to fertilise – one application feeds continuously for up to six months.


  • The release of nutrients depends on temperature – more when it’s warm and plants are growing and less when it’s cold and growth is slow
  • Scotts Osmocote® uses advanced prill technology that ensures even and controlled nutrient release with no wastage
  • Controlled release means feeding less often and more effectively; less frequent feeding is more economical and environment-friendly
  • Wetting agent improves water absorption into the soil or potting mix and helps plants take up nutrients
  • Boosted levels of these and other trace elements keep leaves greener for longer and promote healthy growth



  • All phosphorus-sensitive plants including Australian natives, South African proteas, leucadendrons, leucospermums and serrurias
  • Other trees, shrubs, annuals, perennials, vegetables, herbs and fruit trees
  • Safe to use on new plants – the controlled release of nutrients means it will not burn soft leaves or tender young roots
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