Pave-Lok 20Kg

Pave-Lok® is suitable for use in the following areas:
  • Driveways
  • Footpaths
  • Sloping sites
  • Roadways/airport standing areas (where designed)
  • Where there is heavy traffic movement
  • Where mobile vacuum sweepers are used
  • In high wind areas


  • Initial set: Pave-Lok® will Gel Set just 30 minutes after being wet. This gel set is strong enough to resist wash out by rain
  • Final set: for Pave-Lok® to become fully bonded it must dry out. The rate that Pave-Lok® dries is dependant on two factors:
  1. The drainage of the base. For best results the base should be permeable (eg sand), and have a drain so that excess water can escape. If the base is concrete and bunded, rain water will be trapped and drying of the Pave-Lok® will be very slow
  2. The weather conditions. In hot dry conditions the Pave-Lok® will set within a few days
Strength of Bonding
  • Pave-Lok® is a lightly bonded sand. A thin section of fully bonded sand can be snapped in ones fingers. Pave-Lok® should not be used for structural construction
  • Pave-Lok® is designed for flexible pavements. This means that the bond between the paver and the Pave-Lok® is not strong, ensuring that if the base moves there will be many small “cracks” between the Paver and the Pave-Lok® instead of a few large cracks across the pavers and a mortar
  • Upon the addition of water a white stain (efflorescence) can appear on the pavers. This efflorescence is the precipitate of fine white crystals (salts) and can come out of the paver or rise up with the base water. In the short term this stain can be removed with soapy water, but with rain new salt will likely be deposited. To negate this it is recommended that the pavers are sealed prior to soaking with water and that washed sand is used for the base