Philmac JS*12 Spray Jet 4mm – Various Arcs


● Four spray patterns available per colour coded set.
● 90° Fan Spray
● 180° Fan Spray
● 360° Fan Spray
● Strip Spray
● Two colour coded sets, Black and Green
● Colour code identifies set with “matched precipitation” at specified operating pressure.
● Winged base with “FAST” thread for quick and easy installation.


● General watering of landscaped areas and garden beds.
● Ideal where “matched precipitation” flow rates are required at specified operating pressures.

Available sizes:

Item number M-872505 – Philmac JSQ12 Spray Jet 4mm 90D (55L/h @ 100kPA 1.2m radius)

Item number M-872505/1 – Philmac JSH12 Spray Jet 4mm 180D (55L/h @ 100kPA 1.2m radius)

Item number M-872505/2 – Philmac JSF12 Spray Jet 4mm 360D (55L/h @ 100kPA 1.2m radius)