Philmac Rural Joiner – Various Sizes

The connection you can trust for connecting Rural B pipe

The Philmac Rural range of Australian made compression fittings provides the perfect connection for Australian Rural B Class poly pipe. Installation is easy with a simple to use insert assembly, and the fitting allows for straight forward disconnection and reconnection.

The Philmac Rural compression fitting range has been manufactured from high performance advanced thermoplastic materials so it is resisitant to corrosion and has the strength and durability to provide a long service life.

Available sizes:

Item number RU-491020 – Philmac Rural Joiner P x P 3/4″

Item number RU-491040 – Philmac Rural Joiner P x P 1″

Item number RU-491060 – Philmac Rural Joiner P x P 1-1/4″

Item number RU-491080 – Philmac Rural Joiner P x P 1-1/2″

Item number RU-491100 – Philmac Rural Joiner P x P 2″

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