Poly Elbow Male BSP


  • secure with locking clamps
  • UV stabilised
  • Use a barbed elbow to join low density poly to threaded items.

Poly fittings offer excellent flow dynamics improving performance and ensuring an uninterrupted flow.

Available Sizes:

Item number P-870700 – 13mm elbow x 15mm MBSP E12G12M

Item number P-870702 – 13mm elbow x 20mm MBSP E12G34M

Item number P-870710 – 19mm elbow x 15mm MBSP E34G12M

Item number P-870711 – 19mm elbow x 20mm MBSP E34G34M

Item number P-870712 – 19mm elbow x 25mm MBSP E34G10M

Item number P-870715 – 25mm elbow x 15mm MBSP E10G12M

Item number P-870720 – 25mm elbow x 20mm MBSP E10G34M

Item number P-870722 – 25mm elbow x 25mm MBSP E10G10M